My IM Program is So Witty!

It’s the little things, right?

At the World Headquarters building where I office, we rely on Yahoo’s IM program to communicate. Everyone else I know who uses a messenger program sees a pretty basic prompt, something along the lines of “so-and-so is typing …” when I’m in the process of sending them a message, but I get these hilarious prompts like:

1,000 monkeys just dropped on Allen’s keyboard …

Bait your breath! Allen just had a thought …

Allen is typing something utterly brilliant …

Allen is about to drop knowledge …

So much more fun. Sometimes, I find myself prolonging our exchanges just to see what other little gems will pop up on the screen. This may annoy my co-tenant. He’ll get over it.

Now, I know that I’m not really the only one who sees messages like this from Yahoo Messenger, but I haven’t met anyone else yet who does, so I pretend that my computer is just very in sync with my sense of humor. You can try to disabuse me of this notion, but I might ignore you.

I can’t find any sort of toggle or option for turning this on, or formal documentation about it, which means that it could probably disappear and I’d not be able to do anything about that. I hope it continues.

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