Random Friday Thoughts

So much to do, so little motivation. Allow me to share what is bouncing around in my head at the moment:

I was disappointed (mildly) to realize that Magnum, P.I. is no longer being broadcast on channel 55 in the early afternoons. (Yes, we are cable-free, and somehow still mostly current on world events, mom.) I loved the show when I was a child, but anything having to do with Magnum being a Vietnam vet, or his internal dialogue about what he should be doing as a grown up, went over my head. I may have to watch a few episodes on Netflix.

Fun fact #1—Tom Selleck had to pass on the role of Indiana Jones because of his Magnum, P.I. commitment. Fun fact #2—while Magnum is off, the original Hawaii 5-o now runs twice a day. Catch it before the new one ruins your memories.

* * *

Can anyone name a time when a car alarm actually deterred a theft, or do they exist simply to vex us?

* * *

Checking out the website for a local children’s musical theater program, I saw that one of their past productions was Urinetown. I have to imagine that was a tough sell for the parents enrolling their kids. And, knowing pre-teen boys like I do … well, it must have been a long season.

* * *

When the Queen’s photo was featured on the New York Times website this week, I wondered what on earth she carries in her ever-present sensible purse. Thank god for the internet.

* * *

This morning, on the radio, we heard an acoustic Eagles version of Hotel California. I’ve had my lifetime limit of this song, and that includes the Gipsy Kings version. Especially the Gipsy Kings version.

* * *

I had to miss last night’s Discovery Green concert with Cyril Neville. Love this photo the husband took of the pot of soul gold at the end of the rainbow! And, getting really excited about next week’s concert, the Texas Tornados!

I had to pull over on the side of 290 near Burton when I heard the news, back in 1999, that Doug Sahm had died. I’m really excited that his son is keeping the tradition alive, and I cannot wait to see Flaco Jimenez.

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