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Annise Parker: Mayor, Referee

I’m the kind of person who can still feed badly for someone even if I find his professional practices abhorrent. And I felt badly for Michael Ainbinder last night at the community meeting. Nobody likes to step up in front … Continue reading

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Get My Tinfoil Hat!

Quick! I’m being bombarded with excessive doses of unintentional irony expressed by people who fundamentally do not understand the proper use of quotation marks. I suspect someone (you know who you are) is trying to distract me from the collapse … Continue reading

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Ainbinder, WalMart, Houston, and the 380

One controversial part of the proposed Ainbinder-WalMart development is the 380. The 380 calls for the developer to pay for infrastructure improvements, but then provides a reimbursement from the city to the developer based on sales tax revenue. As Mayor … Continue reading

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Bottom Line – Zoning

Just got back from the WalMart/Ainbinder/City of Houston meeting at the George R. Brown. A few quick observations: First, hearty congratulations to Mayor Parker for managing the meeting as well as she did. Second, and I hate to say it, … Continue reading

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Walmart Drives a Wedge

Some people are trying to frame the Heights Walmart opposition movement as a socioeconomic and racial us versus them. I’m not going to defend the motivation of some people who oppose the Walmart, and I think it is always important … Continue reading

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