Jimmy Carter Coming to Harris County?

I couldn’t have been the only one thinking it was highly coincidental that the Harris County voting machines were destroyed by fire just a couple of days after Leo Vasquez went after Houston Votes. And clearly, I wasn’t. The story has made it to the The Huffington Post, where Glenn W. Smith paints a very grim picture of just how devastating this situation could be. Or already is.

I, for one, want to have federal election monitors here. I don’t mean to discount the efforts of the county officials working on a solution, but we need to be certain not only that everyone who wants to vote can vote, but also that 100% of those votes count.

We send Jimmy Carter all over the world to monitor elections, so why not Houston in November?

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3 Responses to Jimmy Carter Coming to Harris County?

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  2. Neil Aquino says:

    This is a fine post and I am going to both steal your idea and give you full credit. Thanks.

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