Walmart & The City, In Their Own Words

I’ve uploaded photos of the PowerPoint slides from the 8/25/2010 Stop the Heights Walmart community meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

This set has the city’s slides, which contain information about the improvements the city can require and about the mechanics and history of the 380 agreement.

This one, Walmart’s.

One city slide about the Houston Pavillions caught my eye. The city’s slide calls this project “extremely successful.” An Off the Kuff commenter, Mike, mentioned that Andy Icken, the city’s Chief Development Officer, said that Houston Pavillions hasn’t met some of its required marks related to occupancy and so has missed some payments (presumably reimbursements from the city to the developer).

I guess from the city’s perspective as far as reimbursing per the 380 agreement, a below-occupancy shopping center is “extremely successful.”

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