Bottom Line – Zoning

Just got back from the WalMart/Ainbinder/City of Houston meeting at the George R. Brown. A few quick observations:

First, hearty congratulations to Mayor Parker for managing the meeting as well as she did.

Second, and I hate to say it, but as one WalMart employee said to me, “we’re coming.” And, as Mr. Ainbinder made clear, the development will happen with or without the tax incentives created by a 380 agreement.

Third, without tougher ordinances and actual zoning of some sort, we’ll keep fighting this fight, and we (residents trying to protect neighborhoods) will keep losing.

Fourth, at least they validated parking.

Fifth, why didn’t the United Way want to host the meeting? What on earth were they afraid of? Or did they know that Yale/Heights can’t support that kind of traffic? Yes, folks, they tried to have the meeting in the Heights, but turns out no place in the Heights has the infrastructure to support that size of meeting. Hilarious. Maybe WalMart should offer to build some community meeting space as part of their store. HA!

More to come! Pictures! Video! Pithy comments! Snarky comments! But first, sweet, sweet sleep.

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2 Responses to Bottom Line – Zoning

  1. in the heights says:

    Maybe this is a great moment in how we manage and develop comprehensive planning for Houston.

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