Lightening Strike 2010!

Remember long ago, when you used to turn off your computer during thunderstorms?

Oh, you still do?


I can remember the seldom-used intercom feature on our office phones being used to alert us inner-office dwellers (no windows) that a thunderstorm was approaching, and to direct us to shut down our computers.

No intercoms here at the World Headquarters, however. We tend to work right through storms.

Or, ahem, leave the room to catch a World Cup semi-final and forget that the computer is even turned on. And so began four hellish days of NO CONNECTIVITY.

Monday morning dawned with a new computer, new phone, and new attitude. The technology conversion behind me, I am looking forward to catching up with work, then with play. And play includes blogging. So stay tuned. I’ve been working on a few short videos with the Flip that I think you’ll find incredibly enlightening.

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One Response to Lightening Strike 2010!

  1. You just made me feel better (though I’m sad for your lost connectivity – at least you had your iPhone!). I was home all last week, and each time a thunderstorm rolled through, I removed the power cord from my laptop. About the eighth time I ran to do that, I wondered if it was a fool’s errand. I will trudge ahead, through the storm, keeping your story in mind.

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