Reading Offline

I’ve fallen down on several blogging jobs – trying to document everything means documenting almost nothing. I’ve not written about any books lately, or meals, or cakes or pies … sorry about that. I’ll go ahead & call it a summer slump.

Trying to push through the pudding that seems to make up the atmosphere I move through these days, and on the recommendation of Brittanie, I registered on Goodreads this morning. A social networking site living the mission of getting people excited about reading again, Goodreads lets you log your reads, review them if you wish, and see what your friends are reading and reviewing.

I quickly added a few books by Jason Goodwin, the first that came to mind because I recommended them last night to someone about to travel to Istanbul. And because I did enjoy reading them.

I then did something I almost never do. I allowed the program to look at my Yahoo contacts and show me who among them are also Goodreads users. In a fit of why the hell not, I sent requests to all six people, several of whom I’ve not spoken to in, well, a very long time.

Regret is a strong word, so let’s say I feel a little anxious for having sent all of those requests. I feel guilty being too lazy to stay in touch, but not lazy enough to wonder what these people are reading. But, frankly, these are fascinating women and I want to know what they are reading.

I also feel anxious now to start adding to my list of books and reviews. I’ve created another to-do list for myself, I can see, because I of course am vain enough to want my list to be a representative sample of appropriately literary books about which I’ve made suitably trenchant comments.

Well, judge me as you will. It will take some time. Do I add The Fountainhead? And, do I review it as my jaded now-self, or my fierce teenage self? Friend me if you are on Goodreads – I’m using Nonsequiteuse as my user name, natch.

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