Those Darn Microphones, Always Recordin’

My mother worries that, because we only watch free, over-the-airwaves television, we miss out on the key stories of the day. I’ve assured her that this fancy internet situation means we generally know about the issues that rise to the level of actual national import, but she does periodically update us just in case.

Last night, she clued us into the story about Sarah Palin’s speech on a California college campus.

She told us that Palin had given a typical speech, in which she strung some randomly selected words and thoughts together, punctuating the delivery with perky chirps and head tilts, after which some reporters had been caught saying some pretty harsh things about the alleged speech while their microphones were live.

“Well,” my husband responded very quickly, “her mic was on, too.”

Excellent point. She should be more careful around those things.

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