One of Those Link-y Posts

You never do know what you’ll find when you go a-surfing . . .

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive The Gloss for filling me in on the fact that you can actually get clogs like this.

I can’t wait to read about Jamie’s prom – I bet her nails are done, her hair is up, and she’s praying for some kind of large-scale magnetic disruption in the universe that will stave off the frizzies. I hope she takes lots of photos, and I know she’ll have lots of great feminist analysis to share.

Shelby Knox is girlcotting Urban Outfitters. More power to you, Shelby! I’ve been girlcotting them for a l-o-n-g time, and also girlcotting Anthropologie, owned by the same homophobic wingnut, Richard Hayne. I don’t think he’s noticed. Sometimes, though, I do browse in the store. I just don’t buy. (OK, once! Once! $10 pair of earrings! It was a moment of weakness. My conscious is now clear.)

I made the love connection between Mary McBride & the Houston Area Women’s Center. I love that she’s making time to play for the people who work so hard at the shelter, and for the women and children finding safety and a new start there.

On any given day, I’m just a few clever utensils away from giving it all up for bento. If anyone were to give me egg molds, it would be all over.

As soon as I saw this, I, too, felt like dancing.

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