Is Giving Up An Option for BP?

If I see another heading that is some variation on BP Not Giving Up In Fight Against Oil Spill . . .

Do the headline writers know something we don’t?

Maybe they’re taking the longer view. If you really want to boil your blood, check out this piece about how Exxon never fully paid for the damage inflicted by the Exxon Valdez spill.

To summarize: we are fools if we assume BP will pay for the whole clean-up.

How can we ensure that they pay for as much as possible? Legislation? Are Gulf coast politicians strong enough to kick their own addictions to oil money and overcome their colleagues’ habits?

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1 Response to Is Giving Up An Option for BP?

  1. Amber says:

    My favorite has been ‘BP Not Giving Up Yet.’ Yet. Really?

    Hi, new reader here. Found you through some circuitous route involving hollaback. I see we enjoy some of the same feminist sites and I live in Houston. Also, you like cake, so I’ve bookmarked you.

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