BP v. Birth Control

Add to the list of nut-jobs to look out for the Pill Kill Cult. You can find them at thepillkills dot org, but you’ll have to go there on your own. I’m not linking.

Yes, the latest assault on birth control from the anti-woman, anti-sex, anti-choice, anti-life movement is a greenwash. The argument? Rising rates of environmental estrogens are caused by hormones from birth control pills being flushed into the environment.

Here’s the problem. While scientists have recorded higher levels of environmental estrogens, saying they come from pill-tainted pee (how else do you think they are alleging women are poisoning our water supply?) is quite a stretch.

They’re coming from things like DDT (now banned, but taking its sweet time getting out of our system), other synthetic pesticides, and industrial chemicals.

Remember the flap a couple of months ago about BPA-free, or Bisphenol-A-free water bottles? BPA? A synthetic estrogen.

Environmental estrogens, by and large, contaminate our environment as a result of industrial processes carried out unchecked, unregulated, and with blatant disregard for the health or safety of people or the planet.

You know what I think a greater risk to our water supply and general quality of life is than the putative teeny, weeny amount of environmental estrogens that might maybe possibly be leaking into the waste-water supply?

BP’s little oops at the Deepwater Horizon platform.

Not to mention the toxic by-products of mountaintop removal mining being piled into pristine Appalachian valleys, or all of the toxic embers pumped into the atmosphere by coal-burning power plants, or …

This your-pill-kills campaign? Same song, different verse of the anti-choice’s shame women strategy. Shame on us for having sex in the first place. Shame on us for demanding access to safe, effective contraception. Shame on us for demanding access to safe, legal abortion services when that contraception fails. And shame on us for polluting the environment with our sexuality.

Well shame on them. I’m not buying it.

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