Shouldn’t We Be Doing Something?

I didn’t stockpile for Y2K, but I do like to plan ahead in case of emergencies. At the beginning of hurricane season, I do get new batteries for the flashlight, buy a few containers to use for freezing water, and lay in a healthy store of tuna and canned mandarin oranges. Not to mention Velveeta and Rotel.

Are we supposed to be doing anything for the oil spill?

At a person level, arguably the only provisions one may want to make is eating as much Gulf shrimp before it gets contaminated. I’m a bit nervous that there haven’t already been warnings about when to stop eating what seafood.

In all seriousness, though, is Texas doing anything? Are we moving booms into place and teaching people how to get them out into the water? Are volunteers being trained on rescuing and de-slicking birds and other coastal animals? Do we need sandbags or volunteer shifts or places to sign up to do something?

I did a cursory google search to see if I could find out about preparations, and saw one reference to national parks all along the entire Gulf coast, and one article suggesting Texas beach resorts are starting to see people who were planning to go to Mobile or Destin now planning on South Padre instead. That was about it.

Texas has been lucky, so far, that winds seem to be blowing everything to the east, but I know that the winds will eventually shift. Does the loop current keep us safe? I just feel like we should be hearing more about this.

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2 Responses to Shouldn’t We Be Doing Something?

  1. Melody says:

    Even if the Texas coast doesn’t see one drop of oil on its beaches, the large body of water which has supported life on the Gulf Coast is now contaminated by millions of gallons of oil. Sea life is dying. No, we are not safe. It’s as though we’ve been transported into a sci-fi movie.

    Adding insult to injury, an Ireland-based bookmaking website is taking bets on which endangered species will become extinct because of the oil spill. The Kemp Ridley Sea Turtle is leading the pack. As much as I’m disgusted by the thought of people betting on the extinction of a living creature; this Huffington Post article made me face the fact that the Gulf of Mexico is forever changed. The damage is beyond repair. Offers Betting On Endangered Species, Next BP CEO In Wake Of Oil Spill

  2. Brittanie says:

    I presonally hope BP goes down in flames because of this. And if such a big company falls maybe the people of this country will rethink their disgusting addiction to petroleum products.

    My husband, who works in the industry feels the same way.

    Two things that might interest you: Pensacola to BP: Send someone who know WTF they’re talking about


    BP fucking fails fucking booming school.

    Those fuckers better not ruin my Florida vacation, or kill my beloved sea turtles.

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