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This Is What Jim Crow Looked Like

Had a quick cocktail last night with a delightful lady full of joy and true mind-bending talent. Chatting before her show, we were talking about the good and the bad of how bands are treated at gigs. She described a … Continue reading

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Grasshopper Pie for Cake v. Pie

During the Yankees v. Red Sox season opener Sunday, another head-t0-head competition raged at Cake v. Pie. In the first round on the pie side of the bracket, Grasshopper Pie faced down Chocolate Diner Pie. And lost. I selected a … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Blogging for Fair Pay

Perhaps that title suggests that I’m blogging for pay. I wish! I mean, if someone wants to set things up & chip in . . . No, I’ll be blogging about the fact that women STILL earn less than men … Continue reading

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Here’s How We Afford Our Rock & Roll Lifestyle

As of this week, the City of Houston will only pick up yard waste bagged in biodegradable bags. Those who continue to use plastic bags will be fined, up to $2,000! The goal? Reducing landfill fees. Yard waste in the … Continue reading

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I Never Said That (And You Can’t Prove I Did)

Police arrested a man today for threatening Senator Patty Murray of Washington with death for her support of the health care bill. My first thought was that I wonder how soon we’ll hear the wingnut peanut gallery spout off about … Continue reading

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