Rick v. The Coyote

Texas governor Rick Perry shot a coyote while out for a jog with his daughter’s dog.

Shot it dead.

Shot it dead with his laser-sighted pistol that he carries with him when he jogs.

Oh, boy. Is this some weird competitive thing with Sarah Palin because Perry can’t figure out a legal way to shoot wolves from helicopters like she can? Quien es mas macho, indeed.

I came out of my cabin once in the woods of New Hampshire, in the time just before dawn, and saw a coyote. It looked at me. I looked at it. I took a step toward it and said ooga booga. It took off with a leap and ran faster than you can imagine.

(Actually, first I called it by the name of our neighbor’s German shepherd, and it did nothing. When I realized it didn’t have the jaunty bandana around its neck that our neighbor’s dog always did, I started with the ooga booga.)

But you know, if Rick Perry felt that a hollow point bullet to the chest was a better way to stop a coyote than a forward lunge and a loud ooga booga, well, that’s up to him.

In case you, like me, wondered about the fact that the article specified that he loads his laser-sighted pistol with hollow points, here’s the difference between a round point and hollow point bullet:

This whole incident sort of begs the question of why the governor, if the woods are so dangerous that Rick Perry feels he needs to be armed with anti-personnel ammo, runs in the woods at all?

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2 Responses to Rick v. The Coyote

  1. Chet says:

    Does it really? I’m sure no fan of Perry, but I don’t think that logic works. I mean, how is it different from “if driving’s so dangerous you need to wear a seatbelt, what are we doing in CARS?”

    Anyway, snakes and some vermin can be dangerous; certainly to pets more than people. Coyotes can sometimes be scared off, but not always. I doubt it would’ve come at Perry himself, but the dog was another issue.

    As for the ammo choice, it seems reasonable to me. FMJ might not’ve killed it immediately, and my redneck education taught me that wounding animals wasn’t a mercy. If you’re gonna shoot it, kill it. Quick. Hence: hollow points.

    I’ll vote against Rick as many times as they’ll let me, but honestly my only complaint about this story is: Why is the governor carrying such a piss-ant pistol? .380? Not even my grandmother carried .380. Seriously. 😉

    You guys in for Treme?

    • nonsequiteuse says:

      I just mean for the governor of Texas, perhaps jogging alone in the woods is too dangerous, so should have made that clear. I mean, honestly, if the risk is that David Dewhurst could become governor, I would argue that Rick Perry should be kept in a bubble that is locked in the Capitol and defended by every security system known to man.

      Think we are for Treme – I’m working an event until 7, so should be able to rally.

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