Another Sexist GOP Candidate. In Other News, Sky is Blue.

A candidate for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne pops off with this gem:

Being attorney general is a man’s job …

The quote, in context, was a jab at a primary opponent Horne accuses of hiding behind his advisors. Implied in that accusation, of course, is that the opponent, if he were really a man, wouldn’t let others do his dirty work.

Frankly, I don’t have the energy to explain why that comment is sexist. If you are unsure, please refer to this helpful blog.

Here’s my 2 cents on the matter.

Who knows whether this Tom Horne character will make it out of his primary. Certainly, he’s going to be hurting when it comes to getting votes from most women.

We all know, too, that candidates say dumb things. We know this because we frequently see candidates’ mouths moving.

What concerns me is Tom Horne’s resume:

  • Arizona Superintendent of Schools
  • Instructor of legal writing at ASU’s law school
  • Author of legal text published by the state bar

This man wields power and influence in educational settings. What kind of an example does he set for the young men and women, young girls and boys, of Arizona?

I guess I shouldn’t put too much stock in the notion that people learn anything in school. After all, Tom Horne went to Harvard College and Harvard Law.

Fortunately, there’s a pro-choice Democratic woman running for the post.

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