Even Jesus Left Chicago – Why Can’t United?

Distressing news to hear that Continental would relocate its executives to Chicago should the airline merge with United!

I’ve always admired Continental Airlines for their deep commitment to our community. Never, even in the toughest economic times, did they put the brakes on their philanthropic giving. Even at times when plenty of other local businesses cut way back or just stop giving, Continental always gave until it must have hurt, and never complained.

Hundreds of nonprofits in Houston count on Continental’s support to bring speakers to town, take productions on the road, and pump up the profits for galas and raffles with ticket donations. Dozens of boards of directors have been enriched by service from their executives.

If Smisek & Co. go to Chicago, will the airline’s philanthropic profile in Houston be grounded? Please say no!

Continental has been the home team my whole life. I suspect it is the corporation to which I feel the greatest amount of loyalty. My One Pass membership card was issued in 1986! At least twice back in the day, I saw the boys from ZZ Top on flights between Houston and Newark, very willing to say hey to us kids back on the other side of the first class curtain.

I hope Continental stays in Houston.

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1 Response to Even Jesus Left Chicago – Why Can’t United?

  1. Stacy says:

    I hope they stay, too. As a Detroit native, still reeling from NWA being swallowed up by Delta. Grim stuff.

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