Newt Gingrich: Is He Lying About The President?

Just got a phone call from Newt Gingrich and American Solutions. And just filed a complaint with the FTC about that call.

Similar to the Michael Reagan/Dick Morris calls that have been going around, this call began with a live person asking me to listen to a recorded message, then to hold the line for a one-question poll.

As he plays very fast and loose with the facts, trash-talking health care reform, Gingrich goes so far as to accuse the President of the United States of bribery.

Really? So, instead of reporting that alleged crime to the proper authorities, Newt has made time in his busy day to call me to tell me about it?

This stinks. Hardball politics are one thing, but outright lies are quite another. Is it legal for Newt to call me (from an unidentified number, no less, and at a number that has been on the Do Not Call Registry since 2004) and accuse the president of bribery? I know you can go pretty far when talking about a public figure, but it seems to me that accusing the president of a crime when no crime has been alleged or proved should be slander.

Of course, after the Newt screed, another live person came back on the line to ask the one question.

Do I think that the representatives responsible for the health care bill (which she called either monstrous or a monstrosity) deserve to be voted out of office in November?

I summoned all summon-able tranquility and grace, reminding myself that this was just a woman glad to have a job in a call center, any call center, and gave a very dignified one-word answer.


I couldn’t agree with you more, the operator assured me. I burst out laughing, as did she. She thanked me for my time and disconnected us.

So, once again, I find the silver lining in the fact that Newt Gingrich is wasting his money push-polling me, and spending that money to support a phone operator who no doubt finds herself very relieved that health care just might be more accessible to her very soon thanks to President Obama.

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1 Response to Newt Gingrich: Is He Lying About The President?

  1. Captain No Lies says:

    I received a similar call, but when the “human” got back on the line she asked me “don’t you agree that President Obama has been terrible for the economy”? I responded “no, as the stock market is up around 30% since the day Obama was sworn in, we are coming out of the Bush Recession, jobs are on the uptick, 30 miillion Americans recently got access to (private) healthcare, blah blah blah”, and she asked “aren’t you a conservative”? I responded that I am a registered Republican, and she then asked me again “aren’t you a conservative”? I replied that I am a registered Republican… She then hung up on me. Newt’s recorded comments were off the wall, basically stating that Obama is a Marxist and wants to (intentionly) put America in the shitter. I don’t agree with everyting this admin doing, but I have a huge problem with folks spewing lies — please stop it!

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