What I Had For Dinner Tonight

Reason #74 Facebook is great: not only do you get to connect with old friends, you sometimes get to participate in new ventures with them.

Adam Gillit and I attended the same prep school. We saw each other once during college, at a Phish show in Boston on New Year’s Eve. (And, I brought it upon myself by mentioning that. Cue endless repetitions of Suzy Greenberg bouncing around in my skull until someone can make it stop.)

Since the travel curse which has forever foreclosed the possibility of my return to Mexico seems to also apply to California, I don’t know whether I’ll run into Gillit in his natural habitat, but I am so glad to be reconnected to him virtually.

Specifically, though participating on his super-fun group blog, What I Had For Dinner Tonight.

I know at least one other person from our school posts on the site. Falbo’s Festa Dei Sette Pesci post answers a question from long ago, once and for all, but more importantly, has also set in motion plans for a future festa down at a friend’s beach house.

You should sign up and be part of WIHFDT! Even if you don’t want to post to the blog, you can tweet with #wihfdt and be part of the epicurean madness.

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One Response to What I Had For Dinner Tonight

  1. adam says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Andrea 🙂 I’m glad you’ve joined the blog, your posts are great, and I hope you do make it out to California; I have a guest room waiting for you!

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