Father Cantalamessa Sets’Em Up

How can anyone resist knocking’em down?

Speaking at the Vatican’s Good Friday service, the official preacher of the papal household, Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa, compared the uproar over sexual abuse in the Catholic Church to the persecution of Jews.

“They know from experience what it means to be victims of collective violence and also because of this they are quick to recognize the recurring symptoms,” Father Cantalamessa said.

The Crusades? The Inquisition? Should I go on? Yeah, I’d say Jewish people know about being persecuted by the Catholic Church.

I’m just a casual Rome-watcher, but I have to say, it is looking less and less likely that the current pope can wiggle his infallible rear end out of this scandal.

The Vatican has already launched the damage control machine. Good luck with that, guys.

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