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Tea Party Terror Tactics

Does cutting the line to the propane tank at a Congressman’s house because you disagree with him on health care reform count as political discourse? The actual story, should you opt not to follow the link above, goes like this: … Continue reading

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The Reason I Seldom Attend Parties

Eventually, they devolve. People who spend their days trying not to say certain things say them, and you realize that saying what you think is not for beginners. Or, people who spend their days saying what they think become frustrated … Continue reading

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Chicken & Rice a la Lidia

Lidia Bastianich, sly PBS cooking show star. She, more than many TV chefs, protects her recipes. You’ll find a few online, but if you want the benefit of her wisdom, you must buy the books. And good for her! Why … Continue reading

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Zucchini, Asparagus & Leek Salad

Our neighbors served this salad to us on Sunday night, and it was so heavenly, I had to have it again. Soon. I can tell it will become a favorite summer recipe, as it requires no cooking. Shaved the asparagus … Continue reading

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Drama on the H-E-B Twitter Feed!

Silly me, thinking that my screed about chaotic bagging practices at local grocery stores would change things, or, at least, yield a response from customer service. In vane, I check Twitter to see if I’ve had any DMs from Fiesta, … Continue reading

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