Ken Hoffman & I Vote The Same Way

That title may be deceptive. I’ve seen him around town, and I read his column from time to time, but I don’t know Ken, and certainly don’t know how he votes on most things. But on one issue, at least, we agree.

Today, he wrote about leaving a restaurant because he was offended by a political joke posted at the cash register.

I’ve been doing that for years. What gets my goat faster than nobody’s business are the stupid TVs. At various times, upon walking into a restaurant with Fox News on the television, I’ve:

  1. turned on my heel and stormed out.
  2. told the manager why I was leaving before turning on my heel and walking out.
  3. asked someone to change the station to anything but Fox, even golf or a Lifetime movie. This is when the restaurant is a place I really, really don’t want to drop from the rotation.

I won’t ever shop at the book store at the corner of West Gray and S. Shepherd—a pox of locusts for causing the demise of that lovely curving Art Deco building which once anchored that corner! I’ve also been boycotting one local business ever since the owner told me she had morals, making it clear that she found me deficient in that area. Ask me in person if you want to know more.

But, back to Ken Hoffman. I suspect he is not the only one who has reached his lifetime limit of grinning and pushing ahead with business as usual in the face of offensive political commentary.

When people are spitting on members of Congress and throwing bricks through windows, when media talking heads are ranting and shouting from every channel, that snarky little sign on the cash register or that cartoon you clipped and stuck on the counter might just be the one thing too many for your next customer.

In this economy, why would you risk it?

Go blog about it, post it on Facebook, or meet a friend for coffee to discuss it, but leave it out of your stores, shops, and restaurants. Don’t give me a reason to go to your competitor, because believe me, I will. I’m fed up, and willing to go un-fed to make my point.

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