Saturday Morning Protests

Another 40 Days of Nasty Hatred Directed at Low-Income Women campaign has been clogging up the sidewalks at the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The biggest success so far has to be the fundraising campaign which has generated over $56,000 [update 4/7/10: now up to $80,560!] for Planned Parenthood of Houston:

Some of the protesters really get into the spirit, as it were:

Wouldn’t it be something if the baby in the carriage belonged to the woman not kneeling?!

I couldn’t quite place where I’d seen these guy before:

I remembered as soon as I got in the car:

The diversity of signage is something else. (Other diversity, not so much.)

I think that guy might have better luck working through his issues with a therapist than hoping a sympathetic soul will drive by in a car and make him feel better. And perhaps someone should take that woman with the “face it” sign aside and explain that children with full heads of hair who can prop themselves up by their forearms are actually not in any danger here.

This is my favorite shot. Quien es mas macho, a man with a crucifix, or a woman with a clipboard?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Then there’s this guy:

Think we should tell him that Flogging Molly is a pro-choice band? Or does he think that Flogging Molly is what he should be allowed to do to women who want to assert their fundamental right to control their own bodies?

Ah, kids these days. Can you see the guy in the white t-shirt with red letters?

It says “Lion Lunatics XXIII.” I figured that was some religious reference, and I was sort of right. Lion Nation, according to the Facebook page:

The Prince of Lion Nation is an office founded by Coach Llorens in order to bring about a sense of pride at Pope John. The office was first taken by Patrick Donlon. At the end of the Prince’s senior year, elections will be held in order to decide who your next Lion Nation representative. This is a lofty office. It requires creativity as well as extreme pride and love for PJXXIII. Lion Lunatics is, and will continue to be the epicenter for all things Pope John. So remember always to BE LOUD, BE PROUD, and BE LION NATION!

Huh. From what I can tell, the Lion Lunatics are the spirit club for a new Catholic high school in far, far west Houston. I wonder if they get class credit for harassing and shaming women?

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