Tea Party Terror Tactics

Does cutting the line to the propane tank at a Congressman’s house because you disagree with him on health care reform count as political discourse?

The actual story, should you opt not to follow the link above, goes like this:

  • A Teabagger published online the home address of a Virginia representative, encouraging people who disagreed with the Congressman’s vote for health care reform to “drop by” and share their opinions with him in person.
  • One problem with the stunt? He actually published the wrong address, sending people to the Congressman’s younger brother’s home.
  • Someone decided that dropping by and sharing his or her opinion could best be accomplished by going onto the back porch of the younger brother’s home and snipping the lines to the propane tank.
  • At this point, the FBI got involved.

In what country is cutting gas lines acceptable political discourse?

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. These godbag nutballs have been trying to force their way into women’s uteruses for years, so these tactics don’t surprise me.

They do, however, scare me.

After all, almost 20 years ago, anti-woman activists started posting the home addresses of doctors who provided abortions on the internet, encouraging those who disagreed to visit the doctors at their homes. They printed up nifty little flyers that mimicked the old West dead-or-alive posters.

Not long after, doctors were murdered. In their homes, at their clinics, and even in their churches.


Non-Republicans can lecture until we are blue in the face about the dangers of pushing people to the boiling point, but until Republicans take a leadership role in a return to civil discourse, things will only change for the worse.

When—not if, but when—this situation actually devolves into violence, when spitting at Congressmen entering the Capitol becomes shooting at them, or worse, people like the guy who published a Congressman’s home address on the internet will be to blame. And so will the Republican politicians who sat back and quietly hoped to yield some benefit from the Teabaggers.

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1 Response to Tea Party Terror Tactics

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Hear, hear! If you are a Republican and not vocally calling out those who are allowing fear and violence to become an acceptable discourse item (this includes many politicians and most of Fox news, and Conservative radio), then you are compliant in the future deaths that will arise from this unacceptable behavior.

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