Zucchini, Asparagus & Leek Salad

Our neighbors served this salad to us on Sunday night, and it was so heavenly, I had to have it again. Soon. I can tell it will become a favorite summer recipe, as it requires no cooking.

Shaved the asparagus with a vegetable peeler, diced some leek (white part only), squeezed some lemon to make a simple vinaigrette. Next, the peeling/shaving of the zucchini:

I’m afraid this photo makes it look as though I have man-hands, but really, that is just the angle of the photo.

Now, before the vinaigrette:

And now, dressed, with some loops of leek tossed on for eye appeal:

I used some sweet lemons I picked up over the weekend, but think that before we eat, I’ll do a final spritz with a plain ol’ lemon lemon, to kick up the tartness. Perhaps a bit more salt, too, as I went light in the vinaigrette.

We’ll be eating this with halibut. A delicate meal before we carve the 15-turned-12-layer cake!

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6 Responses to Zucchini, Asparagus & Leek Salad

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  2. rita says:

    Well that looks yummy my dear. I’ll have to make it. Are the raw leeks strong flavored?

    • nonsequiteuse says:

      The leeks I minced & marinated – I used them the way I would normally use shallots, in fact, in the vinaigrette. They can be strong, but it doesn’t take much time in dressing to take the sting out of them. The little rings I tossed on top at the end had a little more kick, but it was a nice balance with the blandness (relatively speaking) of the other ingredients.

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