Drama on the H-E-B Twitter Feed!

Silly me, thinking that my screed about chaotic bagging practices at local grocery stores would change things, or, at least, yield a response from customer service.

In vane, I check Twitter to see if I’ve had any DMs from Fiesta, Randalls, Kroger, or H-E-B. Sadly, no. I checked their Twitter accounts to see how active they are. Fiesta last tweeted in the fall of 2009. Kroger appears to be fairly current. (I apparently used the wrong handle to call them out – my bad!)

H-E-B’s most recent post was March 18th, but as it was about diapers, it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the little drama that appears to be unfolding.

Twitter person:  The bagger and checker @HEB just made a drug deal in front of me. WTF!? 4:15 PM Mar 13th

H-E-B:  @[handle deleted]  Can you please follow us so we can DM you? Thanks! 9:42 AM Mar 15th

H-E-B:  @[handle deleted] We would like to talk more with you. At your earliest convenience, please call Kim at 1-800-432-3113. 8:26 AM Mar 18th

I wonder if this will become one of those cautionary tales about how Twitter can cause you to lose your job, or go to jail? Or if handle deleted just broke up with a bagger or checker and has found a particularly devious (and possibly illegal) way of getting back at said ex?

I’ll keep checking back so you don’t have to.

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