What’s Your City’s CSI Theme Song?

I am dismayed to reveal that I have abandoned the ideological purity of my youth and regularly forsake PBS to watch CSI, CSI: Miami, and even CSI: New York.

Husband loves a good crime show, as they put him to sleep with alarming effectiveness. (He has never seen an entire James Bond film, because he simply cannot stay awake, even with me pinching him to try to force him to stay awake.)

He particularly loves CSI, however, because he loves to fall asleep listening to The Who. We have a photo of John Entwistle on our mantel, lest you think I’m exaggerating his level of idolatry.

The original CSI (a.k.a. Las Vegas) features Who Are You. Miami gets Won’t Get Fooled Again, New York, Baba O’Riley.

During waking hours, when the TV is off, we play a little game. What Who song would be the theme song for a CSI spin-off in any given city around the country? A few we think pair well:

CSI: Houston – Eminence Front

CSI: Amarillo – I Can See for Miles

CSI: Marfa – Can’t Explain

I, for one, think the producers missed a golden opportunity to pair Pictures of Lily or Pinball Wizard with CSI: Las Vegas.

Any suggestions you have?

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One Response to What’s Your City’s CSI Theme Song?

  1. Crystal says:

    I’ll play.

    CSI: San Francisco – I’m a Boy
    CSI: Appalachia – Squeeze Box

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