Taxes & Toilets

Arizona recently closed 13 of 18 highway rest stops due to budgetary shortfalls. Make no mistake about it—people are pissed. (Sorry.)

Some residents see something sinister in the closings. Betty L. Roberts, who lives in Sun City, west of Phoenix, said the topic was a hot one among her friends.

“I honestly think they are setting us up because they want to do a tax increase,” Ms. Roberts said. “I think by shutting down things people want, they will give us one.”

Has Miss Betty forgotten how we paid for the very roads on which she is driving when she utilizes those state-run toilets? I think Miss Betty needs to be reminded that there ain’t no free.

People depend upon essential services not because they are cost-effective, but because they are essential. Arizona can’t opt to shut down a couple of elementary schools in order to keep the rest stops open. The public requires both, and someone has to provide. Taxes are the only way.

Republicans have created a collective knee-jerk reaction that big government’s voracious appetite for taxes is evil and must be thwarted at all costs.

You know why we have big government? We’re a big country.

Teabaggers can make stimulus funds sound like outrageous handouts only because the rest of us fail to step in and point out how reasonable the numbers sound once you break them down relative to our population and the scale of our needs.

We need taxation. We’ve set up a representational government to manage that taxation, and we have to allow it to work.

People being human, we’re not always going to be happy with how that system runs or the exact specifics of this tax over that tax, but like the rest of us, Miss Betty in Arizona needs to put on her big girl pants and deal with it.

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