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Coolest Carpool Ride Ever

One morning in middle school, instead of cramming in with my usual crowd, I got to ride to school with Adriane, the very cool older family friend who drove The Tipsy Car. The Tipsy Car was a turquoise and white … Continue reading

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You’ve got spinach in your teeth. And your punctuation sucks.

When I see food caught in someone’s teeth, I say something. I’d want someone to tell me. And though I cringe when it happens, and sometimes blush madly even though I’m alone in front of the computer, I appreciate it … Continue reading

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Harmless Ad or Propaganda for Evangelical World Domination?

I’d like to thank Betty White and Abe Vigoda for distracting a good portion of the viewing audience last night. Nothing like overt sexism and ageism to sidetrack people from the more insidious message of Focus on the Family. (Oh, … Continue reading

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Use the Astrodome for Haitian Triage

I’ve been waiting, because I really am just that cynical, for the Red Cross to start getting blow-back on Haiti-related donations. I thought it would happen when news started circulating that said it would actually take up to 90 days … Continue reading

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