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It’s Just Semantics ‘Til Someone Gets Punched in the Face

Jouissens on Feministing posted this incredibly thoughtful examination of the many issues that arise when NBC commentators call women skiers like Lindsey Vonn girls yet refer to their peers with penises as men. Yeah. What she said. Not that I’m … Continue reading

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Green Squirrels

Our poodle, Judge, takes particular joy in disemboweling stuffed animals. As far as we know, he has never attempted this on an actual animal, but animal nature being what it is . . . Our backyard is strewn with the … Continue reading

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Coolest Carpool Ride Ever

One morning in middle school, instead of cramming in with my usual crowd, I got to ride to school with Adriane, the very cool older family friend who drove The Tipsy Car. The Tipsy Car was a turquoise and white … Continue reading

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You’ve got spinach in your teeth. And your punctuation sucks.

When I see food caught in someone’s teeth, I say something. I’d want someone to tell me. And though I cringe when it happens, and sometimes blush madly even though I’m alone in front of the computer, I appreciate it … Continue reading

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Harmless Ad or Propaganda for Evangelical World Domination?

I’d like to thank Betty White and Abe Vigoda for distracting a good portion of the viewing audience last night. Nothing like overt sexism and ageism to sidetrack people from the more insidious message of Focus on the Family. (Oh, … Continue reading

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