Jumpin’ Judicial Candidates, Batman!

I rolled into the West Grey Metropolitan Multi-Service Center around 4 this afternoon, and promptly slammed on my breaks. Traffic jam in the lot. Should’ve gone with my first instinct to vote at Moody Park, where I could also check in on the fantastic Luis Jiménez Vaquero statue.

West Grey was teeming with poll workers, a large percentage of whom were actual judicial candidates, standing not just in the middle of the driving lanes, but in the empty parking spaces as well.

When you are waiting to ask someone to vote for you (or your candidate), isn’t it in your best interest NOT to block them out of parking spaces?

I put my head down and my BACK OFF face on and stormed into the building without having to accept any push cards. The poll worker inside just rolled her eyes when I commented on the crowds and apologized for not being able to control them. She needn’t have – I know it is useless to try to restrain candidates when voters are present.

I’m fairly sure it was 18th district candidate Tex Christian I saw sprint across the parking lot as I returned to my car. I thought he was going after a voter, but then saw the KHOU news truck, so it is possible that he was rushing to get in front of the camera.

That’s actually a skill you need in the 18th …

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2 Responses to Jumpin’ Judicial Candidates, Batman!

  1. Brittanie says:

    God, I hate those fuckers. Like some flyer shoved hastily in my face at zero hour is going to change anything about the voting decisions I’ve already made.

  2. Bill Shirley says:

    One of the many reasons I don’t early vote.

    The main reason being: Clayton Williams.

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