Oh, Sheila! – or – Legislating While Female

Like they always say, what’s good for the goose is always good for the gander. Oh, Sheila!

As much as that song rocks (and it is OK to admit you always thought it was by Prince), this post is actually about Sheila Jackson Lee.

I will be spinning the wheel (not as satisfying as pulling the lever) for Sheila Jackson Lee when I hit early voting later today. I did not make that decision without careful consideration.

Right now, too much is at stake in Washington for me to lose SJL. She votes the way I want my congressperson to vote, and she’ll call out the nutballs, haters, and godbags when she sees them.

People love to hate SJL. She answers phone calls during town meetings. She arrives late for the plane. She mows down small children and grandmothers to get in front of TV cameras.

Yeah, yeah. I wonder how much of this is SJL being outrageous, and how much of it is the result of LWF.

LWF? Legislating while female.

I’ve noticed quite a few male politicians elbowing their way behind the podium for the money shot at another politician’s victory night celebration. I’ve been the person at the fundraising luncheon check-in table when a male politician has demanded a seat that he didn’t pay for and won’t pay for and has no intention of actually sitting in while he hits up my donors at my event.

And does anybody remember that shy, retiring, deferential Texas pol LBJ?

I do not believe that the bad behavior of generations of male politicians excuses similar behavior by female politicians.

I do believe, however, that female politicians get called out on such behavior when male politicians get lionized for it. And that’s not right.

Am I embarrassed that my congressional representative goes through staffers faster than Rick Perry goes through styling mousse? Sure. Did I cringe when she spoke at Michael Jackson’s funeral? Like a teenager shopping for her first bra with her grandmother. Do I wish she were more cattle and less hat? You bet.

For now, however, especially given the alternatives, I’m sticking with Sheila Jackson Lee. She champions Houston, she votes my way on my issues, and I can’t afford to lose her.

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