You’ve got spinach in your teeth. And your punctuation sucks.

When I see food caught in someone’s teeth, I say something. I’d want someone to tell me.

And though I cringe when it happens, and sometimes blush madly even though I’m alone in front of the computer, I appreciate it when someone points out a spelling mistake, grammatical error, or departure from generally-accepted facts on my blog.

I visited a new blog today. I cannot report what I thought about it because I was so distracted by the blogger’s habit of using an apostrophe-S to indicate the plural of just about any word. Allow me to provide an example–I’ve changed the topic and actual words to avoid implicating the blogger, but please know, I copied the sentence structure word for word from the offending blog:

Dog’s are cute in sweaters – argyles for Yorkie’s, fisherman-style for pug’s.

If this were your blog, would you want to know?

Most bloggers are aspiring and/or frustrated writers. I can say this because, as an over-educated white woman, I blog for that reason, and the New York Times has time and again demonstrated that you can extrapolate gospel truth from the experiences of a handful of over-educated white women. So as I was saying, one might assume that most bloggers, as aspiring/frustrated writers, might like to receive constructive criticism that could inform and improve their writing going forward.

I don’t assume, because I know how I really feel, deep down, however, when someone offers me constructive criticism.

Plus, we all know that the internet is just FULL of people offering constructive criticism.

Tell me what you think! Ask your blogging friends to weigh in as well. I’ll let everyone know if I decide to become an unsolicited grammar mentor to the blogger whose work I came across this morning.

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2 Responses to You’ve got spinach in your teeth. And your punctuation sucks.

  1. Crystal says:

    As a fellow (semi) educated white woman who blogs, my opinion is that you cannot help the apostrophe abuser. She may thank you for pointing out her ridiculous (and consistent) mistake, but she will secretly hate your guts for it. And the lesson probably wouldn’t stick anyway.

    Unless you’re talking about my blog. If so, all comment’s are appreciated.

  2. Bill Shirley says:

    My twitter bio says: “If I decide to copy-edit your blog, it’s because I care (and I think you do too).”

    If the offender is a friend or anyone with an advert on their blog I tell them. I first try to contact them privately. If it’s not made simple by the blog, I let them know publicly. (@twitter message or blog comment). If the blog is annoyingly “you have to register”, I chastise them publicly to get the annoyance off my chest. (This usually happens on “pro” Apple rumor blogs that have multiple ridiculous spelling and grammar errors and dozens of ads.)

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