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How Democrats Can Start Winning: Estate Tax

The right-wing Republican penchant for picking pithy phrases that allow them to dominate the dialogue is distressing. Democrats need to do much more than simply take back the power of framing the issues in order to get our country back … Continue reading

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Women, Those Delicate Blushing Flowers

This past Sunday, I watched parts of the Houston Marathon on television. (Yes, although it runs through my neighborhood, passing four blocks from my house, I didn’t actually make it to watch in person.) The local ABC affiliate did a … Continue reading

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Heel (Smack) Toe (Smack) Pas de Bourrée

I attended an open rehearsal of the Dominic Walsh Dance Theater last night. Incredible. Do not ever pass up the chance to see dancers (or any artists) working in such an intimate setting. While the electric excitement that washed over … Continue reading

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Over EZ at the Houston Airports

A few days ago, Harris County Commissioners Court decided to end the option of using your EZ Tag to pay for airport parking. Expenses have exceeded revenues, as not enough people were opting to pay this way. So far, the … Continue reading

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I’m In The Army Now

Update 1/27/11: Well, someone is at it again, this time with an alcohol reference that indicates your relationship status. Just got the first notice of it & am curious to see how quickly (or not) it spreads. Update 10/5/10: This … Continue reading

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