People Unclear on the Concept: Tim & Mama Tebow

Tim Tebow, Florida State quarterback/man-god, will appear in the Superbowl!

OK, not really.

He and his mother will appear in an advertisement that will debut during the Superbowl paid for by Focus on the Family, everybody’s favorite reactionary right-wing lifestyle organization. The advertisement will tell the story of Tim’s mom, who, against the advice of doctors, carried a pregnancy to term rather than terminate it, thus ensuring the Gators would have a quarterback 18 years later.

This commercial is not about choosing life. This commercial is about CHOOSING.

This commercial tells the story of a woman who was allowed to do what she wanted with her body, even though medical professionals advised her that the course of action she wanted to follow put her health and life at risk.


The abortion rights movement stands for choice. For trusting women to decide whether, when, and on what terms they want to be mothers.

Many people would argue that Pam Tebow made a very selfish choice. Already mother to four living children, she opted to continue a pregnancy despite grave risk not only to her health, but the viability of the fetus she carried.

But you know what? She opted to continue the pregnancy anyway, and nobody stopped her.

No court issued an injunction forcing her to follow her doctor’s advice, and no legislator proposed emergency legislation to mandate her treatment.

Nobody sat vigil in front of her office, praying for her to change her mind, yelling at her each time she walked to her car.

No church groups spent forty days marching around her home, trying to bring the walls down in some echo of Jericho.

She was allowed to choose how to live her life, and the choice worked out pretty well for her. Why isn’t she willing to grant that choice to other women?


I thought of a few more points I’d like to make on this topic.

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