I Remember Rock & Roll Radio

After the third Led Zeppelin song came on the radio as we were driving home last night, everything became crystal clear. Either Robert Plant or Jimmy Page had died, or radio stations are STILL getting the led out on Friday nights. I’m so glad they are!

Get the Led Out. Twofer Tuesdays. The King Biscuit Flower Hour. Laser Floyd.

I used to have cassettes filled with songs I’d recorded off the radio. The beginnings and endings were abrupt, and the quality abysmal, but god, did I love those tapes.

Listening to radio programmed by real people with violent disregard for computer-programmed, focus-grouped playlists beats just about anything. When Michael Jackson died, for a few hours, many of the local radio stations went through a time warp back 25 years. The DJs were actually picking the music, callers were sharing stories, and Michael was getting a true, spontaneous, heartfelt tribute.

Rock & roll radio still exists, but you don’t find it on the radio so much any longer. As long as we can still find it somewhere, it’ll be OK.

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