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Good Lessons from Bad Bosses – The Technology Edition

I’m still learning how to be a better boss, and can’t say that I’ve always handled things perfectly, but some of the techniques I use stem from my own experiences with bosses who handled things badly. And boy, have my … Continue reading

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A Little Musical Interlude

Have you noticed you can spin the radio dial and land on Aerosmith at almost any time of day or night? I don’t know who they are paying or what computer program has determined that Aerosmith is what the people … Continue reading

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It’s a Yee-Haw Christmas, Y’all

We have amassed quite a collection of blown-glass Christmas ornaments, but with two rambunctious poodles in the house, have left the collection safely swaddled in bubble wrap for the past five years. Our house, small and no-nonsense, has only one … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Dogs Bark

The Fluffy Menace has an ear infection, but we’ve caught it early, so her head-shaking days are nearing their end. The gentian violet/alcohol/boric acid remedy wasn’t doing the trick this time, so we hit the vet. The visit went off … Continue reading

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Houston’s World Domination Continues

Any day now, Houston will be the third-largest city in the country. How is Houston going to manage this? We’re annexing New Orleans. On an internet overrun with lists and rankings of the top 10 cities for this or that, … Continue reading

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