It’s a Yee-Haw Christmas, Y’all

We have amassed quite a collection of blown-glass Christmas ornaments, but with two rambunctious poodles in the house, have left the collection safely swaddled in bubble wrap for the past five years.

Our house, small and no-nonsense, has only one logical place for a tree. That spot is the front window nook in the den.

That same locale is the preferred perch for The Fluffy Menace, the base of operations for her neighborhood surveillance racket.

We left the tree in place for several days, bracing for the inevitable poodle/tree encounter. Which, cue the hallelujah chorus, did not happen. The Fluffy Menace has shown not the slightest interest in the tree, and simply shifted her op-center to the Scotch-guarded chairs in the big room. That actually gives her a better vantage point, as she has access to both north- and west-facing windows. Smart girl.

Unpacking Christmas ornaments is like attending a school reunion. You like some of the ones you unwrap better than others, but you have a past with each of them, and so they go up onto the tree.

We left two off this year. Adult Jesus struck us as too capital-C Christian, too evangelical, for our particular household. And the weird combo Holstein cow-pig seemed too Pink Floyd for Christmas. I can’t really explain that. I’m not proud that we kept the two off, because I’d like to think I don’t discriminate as long as the ornaments fit into the whole blown-glass theme, but there you go.

Our ornaments fall within five main themes:

  1. Santa Clauses -a few really wild-eyed and scary
  2. Flora & fauna – birds, acorns, fruit
  3. Religious/traditional Christmas – snow-covered churches, crosses
  4. Music – lots of guitars
  5. Texas – boots, hats, yellow roses, and lone stars

The categories do overlap. Namely, we have several Santas with electric guitars, and Texas Santas. To wit:

Do California, Ohio, and Tennessee have state-themed ornaments? Or, are cowboy Santas just generically southwestern, and I opt to see them through Texas-centric lens?

By the way, Santa does have holsters, and I cannot tell whether they hold six-shooters or candy canes.

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