Houston’s World Domination Continues

Any day now, Houston will be the third-largest city in the country. How is Houston going to manage this?

We’re annexing New Orleans.

On an internet overrun with lists and rankings of the top 10 cities for this or that, Inside Tech, a monster.com publication, has managed to find a way to stand out. It would appear 1,000 screaming monkeys were assigned editorial responsibility for “U.S. Cities Poised for Growth.”

Notable assertions:

1. Houston’s metro region includes Sugar Land (which it does) and the Metairie-Kenner metro area (which it might, if Houston’s city limits butted right up against New Orleans in Louisiana, a good 5-hour drive away). I guess New Orleans won’t miss Metairie, however, because it got Shreveport.

2. Toronto is the 2nd city on the list. Toronto as in CANADA.

So to all of you out there wondering what to do in these last weeks of a waning decade, I say go forth and publish a top ten list. Grab a few images from Flickr to illustrate it. Use facts and statistics to bolster your arguments, or not. Whatever.

And, if you are looking for work as a freelance writer or editor, you might check out Inside Tech. Something tells me they will have a few openings soon.

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