What Happened To The Wave?

The wave.

Still alive in stadium sports, but endangered on the roadway.

Here’s the deal. You put on your turn signal, and as long as you are not acting like a total ass and I can make room safely, I’m going to let you into my lane.

Your part of the deal, however, is the quick wave once you’ve completed the maneuver.

The wave should be as automatic as the turn signal, although I’ve noticed you don’t seem to be using that much, either. Do they even teach this in driving school any longer?

I’m building up credits anywhere I can get them, so I’ll keep letting you into my lane, and I’ll keep giving the wave when you allow me to do the same.

Sure would love to get a few waves back. Who’s with me?

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1 Response to What Happened To The Wave?

  1. Anneliese says:

    When I lived in DC, I came home one holiday and found myself assigned to do the cross-Texas drive to pick up my godfather and grandparents for Christmas in Ft. Worth. On the two-lane highway from Brownwood to Abilene with my godfather, a pickup truck sped up behind me. I moved over to the shoulder so the guy could pass safely, and he waved his thanks as he sailed by.

    After we picked up my grandparents and were on I-20 back to Ft. Worth, my godfather sadly informed them that I had been in DC too long and was becoming a Yankee. Horrified, I asked what I had done to merit such a harsh judgment. Truman looked at me with disappointment and said, “When that man in the pickup truck passed you and gave you the thank-you wave, you didn’t give him the you’re-welcome wave in return.” My grandparents were equally shocked by this breach of etiquette, and I’ve been a you’re-welcome-waver ever since.

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