When Mom Comes to the Pep Rally

Thank you, Skip McGee, for teaching every student at Kinkaid, and probably a few at rival schools around town, the danger of putting it in writing. Especially in email.

I can introduce the email no more eloquently than Gawker:

Entitled “The Tipping Point,” McGee’s letter begins with a single violin playing the world’s saddest melody, Ballad of the Rich White Guy Who Takes Himself Entirely Too Seriously:

You can find the full text of the email here.

As we would have said back in the day, there’s a lot to unpack in this story. Let me point out one of the things I find most worthy of comment that has not drawn as much comment as the other really obvious stuff, like the rampant,  totally inappropriate, and deeply offensive homophobic slant of the whole story.

Parents at the pep rally. Are you kidding me?  According to Skip’s memo, the football team mother:

met early in the week with [the upper school principal] and went over the pep rally in detail, including a typed script.

Typed script for the pep rally? The helicopter parenting didn’t stop there:

Teams of moms went to work on making skirts big enough for the boys, while others fanned out across Houston in search of wigs, pompoms and megaphones in the correct shade of blue.

Granted, it was a few years back that I was in pep rally land, but parents played ZERO role. Apparently, at Kinkaid, parents and grandparents were in the audience after the moms spent the week preparing for the pep rally.

I mean really.

You know the boys will be boys meme is playing out big-time in this debacle, but hello, this wasn’t just boys being boys.

This was moms and dads being boys.

This was a school buying into full frontal parenting in a realm that should be reserved for learning and growing up. Kids need a safe space to do dumb things and find out why those things are dumb without their parents spending the whole week looking for pom poms. The parental involvement adds a whole other twisted dimension to the story.

Totally different issue, but I wonder if there will be any repercussions for the many parents who forwarded emails using their work accounts. I’d hate to be the associate at Bracewell & Giuliani who gave the amen, brother, to Ray Childress.  It is hard enough to make partner, and clearly you need to in order to pay Kinkaid tuition, so how about cooling it on the work email for non-work purposes, buddy?

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