John Cornyn Is Not Pro-Choice. Neither is Kay.

Like an anxious hawk, I watch my blog stats.  I find the search terms that bring people to my site fascinating.  This evening, the search “is john cornyn pro-choice” brought a reader to nonsequiteuse.

Let me be clear.  John Cornyn is not pro-choice.  He is staunchly anti-abortion, and pretty much against any rational, medically-accurate approach to sex education or women’s health in general.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, also, is not pro-choice.  Let no one try to convince you otherwise.

Every time an election comes around, various people try to fool pro-choice people into thinking Kay might be a little bit pro-choice, privately sympathetic to the issue, someone who gave money to Planned Parenthood once, not a total wingnut. They think they can fool women into voting for Kay.

Do not be fooled.

That woman would no sooner stand up for a woman’s right to choose than she would run away from her husband and two kids to join a circus with her life partner.  She may, at one point in time, have been less extreme. Perhaps long ago, she felt otherwise.  But she has signed on the line with the Grand Old Party and settled her dainty you-know-what in the catbird seat.

I know pro-choice Republicans.  I’ve met them, and I even campaigned for one back in college.  They do exists, and what’s more, their philosophy is logically consistent with the general principals of their party.  Well, their principals when they had them.

Yes, pro-choice Republicans exist, just not in the form of either the senior or the junior senator from the great state of Texas.

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