Early Money Is Like Yeast

It makes the dough rise.

That’s right – it takes money to make money, and that holds true in a political campaign just as it does in business.


Last week, Ellen Malcolm, founder of EMILY’s List, visited my home to meet a group of young(er) women inclined to support the candidates EMILY’s List supports—pro-choice Democrats running for congressional seats, governorships, and The White House.  These are some of those fantabulous young women in my kitchen, where we all know the power really originates.

We loved meeting her, and were inspired by her message.  Women bring something new and powerful to the table.  If you want to see women in positions of power, you have to make that happen, and giving money is one of the easiest ways to do that.  Less easy would be running for office yourself, but EMILY’s List helps women with that challenge, too.

We had one candidate on hand, the dedicated Anna Eastman.  That’s Anna in the glasses, next to Ellen, who is flanked by Britt, the EMILY’s List Chief of Staff.










Last night, I was struggling to upload these photos and to come up with some insightful analysis.  I had trouble with the photos, and as evidenced by this giant space, continue to struggle, and still haven’t come up with the right words, but I wanted to get this up & out.

Just as I logged out, I got a call from a friend on her way to a fundraiser for Annise Parker.  Would I write another check my friend could take to the event?


A donation to a candidate who stands for what I believe in, who has the skills and temperament for the job?  No question.  I encourage all of you who were at my home last week with Ellen to write a check to Annise today.

And, by the way, the photos were taken by Virginia Oxford.  It is my computer creating the struggles, not her photos.  I want to give her credit for the snaps and her new business.

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