Gene Locke, Your Legacy Takes Shape Now

Houston’s mayoral has finally turned ugly.  According to tonight’s online edition of the Houston Chronicle:

A cluster of socially conservative Houstonians is planning a campaign to discourage voters from choosing City Controller Annise Parker in the December mayoral runoff because she is a lesbian, according to multiple ministers and conservatives involved in the effort.

The group is motivated by concerns about a “gay takeover” of City Hall, given that two other candidates in the five remaining City Council races are also openly gay, as well as national interest driven by the possibility that Houston could become the first major U.S. city to elect an openly gay woman.

Another primary concern is that Parker or other elected officials would seek to overturn a 2001 city charter amendment that prohibits the city from providing benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees.

On the one hand, candidate Gene Locke is on record at a debate as saying that same-sex benefits allow governments and businesses a “competitive advantage” which he “would favor.”

On the other, however, Locke has started to dance with some who decidedly did not brung him and definitely do not favor same-sex benefits no matter what.  Pallin’ around with Steven Hotze and Dan Patrick . . .

Gene Locke, I’ve noticed you positioning yourself as a civil rights activist.

What kind of civil rights activist endorses, tolerates, or even pretends to ignore an anti-gay attack on his opponent?

No kind of civil rights activist I know.

FOR SHAME, Gene Locke.  Some things are more important than winning. This is your legacy.

Do you want to hitch your wagon to this sexist, racist, anti-gay gang of wingnuts and godbags?

Think that over, Gene.  Think about the impact going negative in this ugly fashion has on your chances of winning.  And while you do, I’ve got two words for you to consider.

Louie Welch.

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