Dot Matrix Government













I’m wrapped around the axle but good over the House’s shameful decision to pass healthcare on the backs of poor women, and have yet to compose a thoughtful summary of my feelings that does not rely almost entirely on a rather strong cuss word that begins with an F and ends with a UCK.  I’ll work on it and get back to you.

In the meantime, it occurs to me that perhaps a small part of the problem is that Congress is using dot matrix printers.  At least someone removed the edges before this photo op.

This photo, pimped from the NYT online this morning, shows two asinine members of the House crumpling a print-out of the healthcare bill they presumably voted against.   It was good of the intern to remove the dot matrix feed holes, but perhaps whoever set this up could have bothered to have paper with something actually printed on it.

Two old white guys wasting a bunch of paper to try and make a point about a bill they didn’t even bother to read … that pretty much represents the whole process as far as I’m concerned.

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