Tinker Punch

Tinker Punch.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?  Fizzy, not too sweet, maybe with an herbal simple syrup.  Packs a sneaky-Pete kind of kick.  Looks great in a bowl with an ice ring molded from a bundt pan.

I haven’t decided what goes into it yet, but I’m going to mix up a batch for a little gathering in a couple of weeks.  It just sounds so good – I think it should exist.   I will document the experiment.

[It may exist, but not on the interwebs.  The only one I could find was a Tinker Bell Punch, which is a hole punch that cuts paper out in the shape of Peter Pan’s dear little fairy friend.  Are there no bounds to the wide world of scrapbooking?!?!]

Any thoughts on what goes into Tinker Punch?  Do punches have genders, and if so, are those assignments made based on color, content, state of matter (i.e. frozen versus liquid) or some other factor?

And are frozen and liquid the only two categories, or are those fancy molecular gastronomists doing gas versions of drinks nowadays?

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