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Joe Lieberman Has Health Insurance – Do You?

Just when Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader, says he’ll include some version of a public option in the healthcare bill, Joe Lieberman goes all Republican on our country’s collective ass. Lieberman said:  “I’ve told Sen. Reid that if the bill … Continue reading

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First Harvest of Meyer Lemons: Hot Toddy & Shaker Lemon Pie

While our Republic of Texas orange tree continues to grow at the epic pace of a quarter inch a year, and our Mexican lime throws off a meager harvest of tiny fruit that redeem themselves by fitting snugly in the … Continue reading

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Addled Ads or Texas Sprawl Gone Wild?

Since this summer, I’ve studied the banner ads on the Houston Press website rather closely.  I had skin in the game, as a couple of organizations I’m involved with were paying for banner ads. Even though none of those ads … Continue reading

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Book Note: Murder at the Vicarage

Fresh from Duchess of Death, the unauthorized bio of Agatha Christie, I picked up a few of the old girl’s books on a library run, a Miss Marple and a Hercule Poirot. I greatly prefer using the main library downtown … Continue reading

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Good Riddance to Bad Christians

How thoughtful of the Pope to issue a press release informing disaffected Anglicans that the boys in Vatican City have got a plan for how the Catholic Church can accommodate your peculiar spiritual and liturgical patrimony. Disaffected Anglicans?  Ah, yes, … Continue reading

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