Good Riddance to Bad Christians

How thoughtful of the Pope to issue a press release informing disaffected Anglicans that the boys in Vatican City have got a plan for how the Catholic Church can accommodate your peculiar spiritual and liturgical patrimony.

Disaffected Anglicans?  Ah, yes, members of the Anglican church, Episcopal in these here parts, disaffected because women, homosexual men, and quite possibly homosexual women are practicing members of the priesthood.

Apparently, the doctrinal patrimony of the Holy See can be bent a bit to top off the Vatican coffers I mean to cope with the pesky problem of not having enough priests I mean to welcome Anglicans who, while they differ on silly points like transubstantiation versus consubstantiation, the infallibility of the Pope, and the celibacy of priests, hate and fear the same people as the Catholic Church does.  You know, hate and fear from a doctrinal perspective.  Not personally.


I wonder what would happen if the almighty g-d came down from heaven above and slapped a rainbow bumper sticker on the popemobile that said God Loves Everyone No Exceptions?  Would he dispatch a cardinal with a razor blade to peel it off, or would he douse it with holy water hoping it would fade or lose its stickiness?

Let us be clear that the Anglican Church exists for exceedingly non-religious reasons.  Henry VIII was sick of forking over cash to the Catholic Church, wary of having to sail off to fight in their name, and wasn’t content to stay in a bad/barren marriage.

It should come as no surprise that, even though we’re about 500 years past that point in history, organized religious groups are still making decisions based on money/membership/worldly benefit rather than spiritual good and the warm glow of that sweet little baby jeebus in the sky.

How will this play out?  Why should anyone care which church a bunch of bigots goes to each Sunday?

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it.

The Catholic Church can’t always fill the pews these days, but even when they can, they’re often short on XY-personnel to staff the altar.  The Anglican Church has been brought to the brink of schism, and it isn’t entirely clear what will happen to all of that church real estate should the split actually happen.

What if the gays and the wimmin get the Anglican church property?

Whose collection plates will those disaffected Anglicans fill each Sunday?

I wonder what the many deeply spiritual and reverent women in the Catholic Church who have been agitating for women’s ordination think about all of this.  I mean how discouraging for your church to go out of its way to welcome a potentially large group of new members who are rabidly against ordaining women?  It’s like they’ve called in reinforcements on the hate front.

And how disaffected will those Anglicans be when they realize that they are being hit up to help their new church pay the bills for allowing so many pedophile priests to roam free?  If I were them, I’d negotiate some kind of immunity on having to help pay for that mess.

As far as I’m concerned, good riddance to bad Christians who cannot live and let live, love and let love.  The best thing for me would be for all of you haters to leave the Anglican and Episcopal churches so I might feel welcome going back.

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2 Responses to Good Riddance to Bad Christians

  1. Sylvia Bartz says:

    This was part of a dinner table discussion last night. I am printing out a copy to take to Muffie. AHB

  2. Sylvia Bartz says:

    Typed my initials incorrectly. SHB

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