Balloon Boy Therapy Fund

One of the many joys of not having cable television? I didn’t hear about balloon boy until the balloon had landed, so I didn’t waste any time watching what did appear to be a Jiffy-Pop pan on steroids careening about the Colorado sky.

(If you are even more unaware of current events than I, Balloon Boy is the 6-year-old son of two reality-tv-addicted parents who was not, as it happened, swept 10,000 feet into the atmosphere in a basket attached to a weather balloon, causing the entire nation to cease all productive activity to watch the drama unfold.  If you want more, google it.  I don’t want to give these people any linkage.)

I was working on a long, thoughtful post about all of the issues tangled up in this sad story, but sweet jeebus on a stick, people, someone just needs to go take those boys, put them in a loving home (and therapy), and revoke their parents’ license to breed.

That poor child, throwing up every time someone asks him the question we all know the answer to, whether his parents put him up to this stunt … I hope the stories of Children’s Protective Services looking into the matter are true.

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