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Taking a Hit for the Team: Dancing with the Stars

I know what I’m about to say is far from original, but I suspect that 500 years from now, students will study the direct correlation between reality television and the complete annihilation of society as we know it. That’s why … Continue reading

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Grammar Police: Plural of Starbucks

Pity the headline copy writers, those big fish in tiny barrels.  Just doing a final check of the good ol’ Houston Chronicle online before trundling off to power-read 300 pages of what I hope to be a most compelling read, … Continue reading

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Book Note: Desperate Characters

Paula Fox’s Desperate Characters came highly recommended by a friend whose aesthetic discernment is wholly unassailable.  Other people of letters adore it, and, as a few reviewers note, they may enjoy being part of the small knot of worthies who … Continue reading

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Mrs. Malaprop and Madame Eggcorn

I suspect I check my blog stats a tad more compulsively than readership levels warrant.   Excitement turned to stomach-churning embarrassment when a comment from reader alerted me to a misspelling.  I mean, as The Orange Show illustrates: She commented on … Continue reading

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Do Your Kids a Favor – Learn to Say Penis

Without the blogs and comment sections in the Houston Chronicle, I would be dangerously deficient in vitamins A, O, and S.  A for astonishment, O for outrage, and S for a big ol’ sigh. Yet another blog post on the … Continue reading

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