Photos Coming Soon

Not only has my reading slacked off, and so, then the book notes, but I’ve been woefully remiss at creating a true multimedia experience for all of you.

Remedy for the reading slow-down?  I may call it quits on the massive piece of nonfiction I’ve been looking forward to reading for several years now, because after almost a week, I’m still only 1/4 of the way through it.  I may muscle through, however, because to date, The Hobbit stands as the only book I’ve never been able to finish.

Remedy for the drab, dense text?  Pulled the trigger on a camera this weekend, and snatched it from the hands of the UPS driver yesterday.  I will master it before Thursday afternoon (have an event planned that I want to document) and then begin to share the photo-love.

The camera taught me a lesson in getting on with things.  For months, I’ve read reviews, interrogated friends, compared prices, adjusted my expectations, and found THE ONE.  About an hour after I had ordered it, I realized that I was looking at the Canon SD 790 IS, but had purchased the Canon SD 970 IS.

Too late to cancel!  Had to ‘fess up to the husband!  Mapped out a whole strategy – get it, order the other, return the first, keep it all on the same credit card statement so it doesn’t mess up cash flow …

Reviews for the 970 are not nearly as favorable as for the 790, but you know, as I futz around with it, and given my extremely limited skills, the 970 serves my needs quite nicely for about $100 less than the 790, so I’m sticking with it.  After all that time spent planning, then worrying, I could have been finishing the damn White Mughals that currently taunts me from the bedside table!

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